Mixed media Projection Mapping Realtime Interactive experience

Art Direction & Concept Art

This was one of the projects I have enjoyed working the most so far in my career, it was an LBE realtime interactive experience, the client’s team was super creative and great partners to work with.
Our internal team was awesome and the vision super cool!

This is the sketch I made as part of the concept exploration that lead me to building the cover environment Render/ Visual Target, the environment design didn’t make the cut but I really liked it.
I loved the Colorful fun direction that was set for the IP, this is one of the environment concepts I made for the Rats faction.
Prop building directions including tech specs and construction directions so the model pieces can be animated in the desired way.
An this is the concept environment I concepted for the counterpart, the cats faction.
Rats faction flying vehicle concept.
Cat space ship concept exploration
Early character concept exploration i worked on, at this time i was exploring a more abstract representation of the main factions in the experience.
this is a latter character exploration when the mandate was to go for a more conventional representation of the factions, Rats and Cats.
and this is a latter exploration for the cats faction
Facial expression concept/Visual target direction I made as direction to the modeling artist working on the expression blend shapes
Game play Visual targets screens concept