Motion Simulator Based Dragon Riding (Flying) VR Experience

Creative Direction, Co-Art Direction & Concept Art

Dragon was a project I played a few roles in.
Creative Director
Co-Art Director
Concept Artist.
We spent a lot of time and effort working on this experience as it was our main demo to show the potential of creating high quality, fully immersive VR experiences.
We also used it to test new ideas and tech.
It was the evolution of our first Dragon demo “Long Dragon”

Promotional renders I Made from the main Riders I also Designed and concepted.
Final Concept Art I made of the main Riders of the story.
Work in progress character creation process, from concept to modeling, texturing rigging, animation to in engine lighting, shading and FX
Concept exploration I did for secondary characters, environment props, and enemy species.
Screen captures of the final experience (I didn’t do any of the in-game unreal work for this project)
This is the form factor we used to prototype any new motion base experiences we worked on, we call it the beast!