Motion Simulator Based Bike Riding VR Experience

Creative Direction, Art Direction & Concept Art

Kingdom animalia was a project I played a few roles in.
Creative Director
Art Director
Concept Artist.
It was an important project as we built it aiming to show it to Lionsgate and Think Well as we knew they had a similar attraction to build.
At the end the project worked as intended and it landed us the work for the Motion simulator based VR attraction “Midnight Ride” currently installed in Lions Gate World.

I conceptualized the main elements of the experience as well as the playing area and the Creative Director in the project i directed the gamplay.
This are some Screen shots from the final product, I did not contribute to the asset creation, that was all our art team.
I contribute to the ideation of the simulator (bike) formfactor.
This demo was a big contributor for us to land the creation and installation of the “Midnight Ride ” System tor Lions gate world.